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What is WCB/LCB/LCC/WC6/WC in valve
What is WCB/LCB/LCC/WC6/WC in valve?
     W, Wrought;
     C-Carbon steel;
     A, B, C stands for the strength of the steel grade from low to high
     WCA, WCB, WCC represents carbon steel, ABC represents intensity level, and WCB is commonly used. The pipe material corresponding to WCB is A106B, and the corresponding forging material is A105.
     WC6 is a casting of alloy steel, the corresponding pipe material is about A355 P11, and the forging is A182 F11;
     There is also WC9, high temperature alloy steel, corresponding to A355 P22, forgings corresponding to A182 F22.
     WC weldable casting
     LCB/LCC (ASTM A352) low temperature carbon steel