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W-PT2000Z Bracket mounting pressure transmitter
Main Features
Measuring medium: Gas, Vapor and Liquid
Accuracy: ±0.1%F.S
Measuring range (No migration
Differential pressure: 0-0.6kPa~ 2000kPa
Pressure: 0-1.0kPa~40000kPa
Absolute pressure: 0-10kPa~6900kPa
Sensor module integrated with thermal component is with humidity proof, vibration and ambient temperature changes resistance, which greatly improves transmitter temperature property of its anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-overvoltage so that communication ability enhances greatly .
Static pressure: 4MPa,7MPa,14MPa
Complete HART protocol includes paroxysm function, can fast reading digital current, percent and main process variables with no loss of accuracy, and can communicate manipulator and DCS with HART bidirectionally and continuously.
Long term stability: ±0.1% per year
Measured medium temperature range: -40℃~+315℃
Quick dynamic response
Ample filling liquid: silicon oil, fluorine oil, high temperature silicon oil, etc.
Adjusting span and zero by magnetic induction local button, no need to open the cover
Isolated diaphragm material: 316L stainless steel, Hastalloy C, Tantalum, etc.
LCD Module with backlight has both Chinese and English language operation menu, shows engineering unit, percent, current value, custom value.
Technical Parameter
Measuring range: 0~0.15kPa-40MPa
Output signal: 4~20mADC
Communication mode: HART
Power supply: 12~45VDC(24VDC)
Working temperature:-40~+85℃ (With Display:-25~+75℃)
Storage temperature: -40~+85℃