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W-V1500CTP Insertion type temperature and pressure compensation vortex flowmeter
Nominal diameter (mm): 150~1000
Nominal pressure (MPa): 1.6(>1.6 order by agreement)
Medium temperature (℃): Piezoelectric type:-40~250,-40~320;Capacitance: -40~300, -40~400,-40~450(Order by agreement)
Material: SS304,(Order by agreement if need other material)
Vibrating acceleration: Piezoelectric type:0.2g     Capacitance:1.0~2.0g
Range: ±2.5%R,±2.5%FS
Range degree: 1:6~1:30
Service voltage: Sensor:+12V DC,+24V DC;Transmitter:+12V DC ,+24V DC;Battery supply feed:3.6V battery
Output signal: Square wave pulse(non-battery supply feed):high level≥5V,low level≤1V;Current:4-20mA
Loss coefficient: JB/T9249 Cd≤2.4
Anti-explosion sign: Ben-an type:ExdⅡia CT2-T5 anti-explosion type:ExdⅡCT2-T5      
Protection grade: Ordinary type IP65     Dive type IP68
Environment condition: Tem-20℃-55℃,Relative humidity 5%-90%,Atm press 86~106kPa
Medium: Gas,Liquid,Vapor
Transmission range: Three-wire system flow sensor:≤300m,electric sign of two-wire system transmitter (4~20mA):load resistance≤750Ω